September 3, 2016


The Summer of 2016 has been a very unique time for Orlando and Foodstock. Summertime always has a significant role for food growers and sellers and consumers. A bounty of Florida produce has come on-board this season and has been shared across our state and with others.

Foodstock Orlando has also made great strides in growing over the summer months with monthly First Friday Mixers – A Town Hall forum to educate the community. NEW Partnerships with Restaurateurs, Entertainers, and Event Suppliers all setting the stage for March 2017.

In addition to growth, Orlando had several losses over the summer from tourism mishaps to the shootings at Pulse nightclub.
Remember: The Importance of growth is knowing there are new beginnings ahead and that “Food is Life”!

Foodstock Orlando continues to grow with Community Interest and Support! Restaurateurs, Brewers, Wineries, Food Craftsman, etc., are joining the movement because we ALL know the importance of our industry and its impact on Central Florida’s economy.

Florida has an Endless Summer for growing food, but 2016 for Orlando though tragic, also brought people together seeking New Beginnings, New Life and to Show the World What We Offer as a Community and State.

So Let’s Welcome the Fall!
Embrace its Bounty and Prepare for March 1-4, 2017.
We are Orlando Strong!

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