May 27, 2016

Food Lab Meeting & Guests

This week I attended a meeting of the ORL Food Lab with two of my graduate students.  Its a pretty cool group of foodies that have been meeting for less than a year once a month to explore the Orlando food scene.

A perfect partnership for FOODSTOCK!

This was my second meeting and met some wonderful new friends and was pleasantly surprised to see an old friend; Kendra Lott!  Kendra is the Editor for the magazine Edible Orlando and we have shared some great meetings and events all supporting the Florida food industry.  Great magazine for Central Florida foodies.

The speakers that attended gave our group some awesome insight into the “Growing” industry of Central Florida.

I’ll keep you posted; but I can assure we’ll be networking soon with new greenhouse growers in Apopka, Florida, several urban garden developers in the City of Orlando, and a very cute new Butcher opening a new butcher shop on Virginia Avenue in Orlando! Chop! Chop!

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