May 21, 2016


The Genesis of Foodstock Orlando was do to a lot of PBS television cooking shows!  Not today’s myriad of programming, but legends like Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet, and Julia Child.   A childhood in an old family grocery store filled with nostalgic treats and pantry basics providing a fascination of what people ate, the ingredients held most sacred, and what provided the simple Joy of Taste!

Foodstock is a Celebration of Food: All Food!  In particularly, Florida Foods.

The great State of Florida has a bounty to share with the world that most places can’t offer, let alone hold the luxury of being able to display those treasures within one of the World’s most sought after destinations.  Yes; The Sunshine State has a lot to be thankful for and because of all these gifts, Foodstock is necessary.

No where in the United States can you find a territory that provides the resources for entertainment, relaxation, and nourishment than the tourism and hospitality of Florida.  Florida crops, cattle, and seafood are some of the most sought after ingredients in the industry along with its restaurants, beaches, hotels and attractions.  If Orlando is the Mecca and today’s Rome, then here is where we’ll share knowledge, tastes, and joy.

Follow us and join Foodstock: Coming March 3-4 2017 at International Drive and Point Orlando Blvd.

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