May 24, 2016

Location Site

The March 2017 timeline was positioned to avoid other long term community and statewide events.  

However with any inaugural events, it’s hard to forecast.  Time will tell!

The site location for Foodstock in Orlando involved many, many meetings, analysis, and discussions with prominent leaders.  

I believe if you are given the responsibility for a community to accept and adopt a large scale event, then the community needs to be a part of the planning process to incorporate their ideas and suggestions.  

Rule #1 – Do Your Homework! Research, Research, Research.

The Downtown Orlando area and Church Street District were the first solution investigated, and then Winter Park.  

As luck would have it, I was judging a Florida ProStart Competition and as I was standing on the Gary Sain bridge into the Orange County Convention Center and stared across the street at the Pointe Orlando campus, the Hyatt Regency Orlando, and Pointe Orlando Boulevard.  (Photos coming soon!)

EUREKA!!!   I found my epicenter thanks again to ProStart!    The Best place to Grow from: The Cornerstone of Orlando’s Tourism.   Off to the Mayor’s Office!


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