To whom it may concern,

The attached resume is a summary of my skills and qualifications to be a member of your team. However, what it does not indicate is that I grew up with event marketing, promotion, and production in my DNA.

I spent most of my childhood working events as this was the “family business.” From early on, I parked cars, worked concessions, pounded stakes, and erected signage. Later on I became more deeply involved in the marketing and promotion side of the business, as well as the many essential skills that come with it (web content management, social media, marketing strategy ect.) On top of this I am a major sports fan and have been looking to utilize my set of skills in the related field. Having recently completed my advertising degree from University of Alabama, I’m currently working in event production and running my own freelance business. However, I am looking to expand my scope of experience by joining your team.

I look forward to talking with you.


Casey Dorner